Communication of Scientific Expertise

Ansciad assists you in exploring, visualizing,
and conveying your expertise

Created by a scientist, for scientists



Transform your expertise into marketing tools, effectively convey clear and persuasive information to a wide audience.

Enhance efficiency and connectivity in your processes. Visualize your results in real-time with flexible customized applications.

Offer your collaborators a quick and in-depth understanding of your results, make informed decisions.


By engaging with me, you are collaborating with a scientist with 15 years of experience in technological innovation.

Providing services as a developer and data designer,

I am your preferred contact to understand, enhance, and communicate your scientific challenges.


Transmission of your know-how

Digital Transformation

Task automation and operational control


Infographic and Website Design


Implementation of Performance Tracking Tools


Data exploration and visualization

Why choose my services?

A data analyst & designer with a PhD in chemistry and statistics brings remarkable value to your projects.
Methodological Rigor:
My ability to adhere to rigorous methodologies is a major asset to ensure the reliability and precision of results.
Ability to Solve Complex Problems:
My analytical approach enables me to identify opportunities for innovation and develop solutions for technical and scientific challenges.
Communication of Results:
I am able to translate technical results into clear and accessible information for a non-technical audience.
Transparent Project Management:
I am a reliable project manager, providing you with complete transparency throughout the process, ensuring that goals are achieved within the specified timelines.

Portfolio and Achievements

Data design
Iframe Example
Interactive visuals
Embedded Site
Iframe Example
Embedded Site
Static visuals
Motion data
Automated workflow

Creation of control charts with automated highlighting of system instabilities


Ansciad was founded by Charlie Basset, a freelancer specializing in data analysis and visualization.

Holder of a dual international Ph.D. in chemistry and statistics, author of around ten scientific articles and a book, I have been a teacher, researcher, and manager in biotechnology start-ups for over 10 years.

Subsequently, I worked for 5 years as an independent consultant in analytical and statistical sciences.

Passionate about programming, data analysis, and visualization, I enjoy transforming complex questions into elegant visual solutions. I apply my passion to serve businesses in the natural and technological sciences sectors.

Contact me!

Charlie Basset

+33 06 21 86 46 04

South France area.

Available primarily for remote work.